East & Central London


From cozy coffee shops to vibrant food markets, new architecture in a gentrified Shoreditch to the classic buildings in central London, this half-day private photography tour has it all!

Ideal for everyone seeking to make the most of their time in the Big Smoke, this half-day private tour offers you a unique creative experience to help you connect with the city.

The urban landscape varies so much on this tour, from small village-feel areas to the huge bustling centre, that you’re guaranteed to find extraordinary angles and create stunning photos. Discover new angles, composition techniques, and how to spot stunning contrasts.

The colours of the city give you the opportunity to capture amazing visuals as you discover east London with your camera. Snap a red bus as it passes, or contrast dark architecture with white, clean lines – whatever your chosen style, this tour is for you!

  • Perfect for those seeking for street and urban landscape photography

  • Ideal for experienced photographers who want to explore London

  • An intimate one-to-one personalised experience

  • Dedicated to your creative enjoyment of the city.

This private tour around central and east London will deepen your artistic experience and engagement with the city.