Central & East London


Share and capture the beauty of Central and East London with a semi-private photography tour. In a group of no more than six people, you’ll discover urban locations that are ripe for street and cityscape photography opportunities!

Share your skills and learn from other keen photographers as you experience the creative opportunities of the bustling city centre and culture-rich East End.

Capture the contrast of classic and modern architecture, street art, and metropolitan culture as you move through central and East London on this group tour. Make the most of stunning architectural lines, the contrast of Shoreditch’s street art, and explore unusual angles to capture the true essence of London’s urban landscape.

What to expect on the semi-private group tour:

  • An intimate group of no more than six people

  • Led by a professional photographer

  • Hints and tips for urban photography

  • Learn how to experiment with camera angles and composition

  • A half day tour

  • Visits to relevant events and exhibitions

Share creative experiences with your group to engage with the city’s arts heritage on a deeper level.