Full Day Santorini Photo Workshop


Full-Day Santorini Photography Workshop

One day, two Santorinis...

For most visitors to the island, there is one Santorini. That of rugged, volcanic landscape and whitewashed cubiform buildings that spill down cliffs overlooking red, black and white lava pebble beaches. For photographers, though, there are two Santorinis: the island in the morning and the island in the afternoon. 

The stunning rock formations are the same, and the blue-domed chapels, windmills and winding pathways remain set in stone. But the light isn’t the same. Santorini cast under a rising sun is different from the same landscape viewed as the sun begins to retire. 

From the hazy early morning glow over Fira and Oia to the late afternoon sunlight illuminating the caldera, Santorini is the sun’s canvas. And you’ll be there to capture the artist’s work. 

Explore Santorini’s greatest hits and hidden bits

This full-day Santorini photography workshop gives you the chance to photograph stunning landscapes and amazing architecture in changing light whilst experiencing parts of the island many tourists don’t see. 

The workshop is split into two parts – morning and afternoon – in keeping with the two Santorinis:

Morning session

We’ll start the day in the north of Santorini amongst picturesque traditional settlements, where you can capture an authentic side of the island, as experienced by the locals. The north is also a place filled with hidden gems and spectacular views, which makes for great landscape photography and shots of rock formations not often captured on camera. 

Afternoon session

After lunch and a break from the scorching midday sun (feel free to take a siesta), we’ll start up the afternoon session, heading south to explore off the beaten track. Here we’ll visit the narrow streets of the Pyrgos settlement and travel to the top of the hills for panoramic shots of the island in the afternoon sun, before taking in the medieval character of Emporio in the foothills of Mount Prophet. En route, we’ll drive through the well-pruned vineyards – giving you a view of Santorini that you don’t see in travel brochures. 

These routes and this format gives you the best of Santorini – stunning views and beautiful landscapes to capture the magic of the island on camera. 

But this is your private workshop. Which means it’s flexible to your needs. 

If you want to get shots of the sunrise, we can start earlier in the day. If there are amazing clouds passing over the north of the island and we’re busy exploring the south, we can jump in the car and head north. This workshop is about giving you a photography experience like no other. If there’s a chance to photograph something out of the ordinary, I’ll tailor the program to suit. 

If you’d prefer to sample the delights of Santorini just for the morning or afternoon, take a look at our half-day photography workshops.

What you’ll learn

  • How to make the most of your camera in differing light

  • How to use photography to tell stories 

  • How to create stunning landscape photography compositions

  • How to develop your own style of landscape photography by experimenting with lenses and techniques

What’s included

  • Full instruction from a professional photographer and guidance throughout the workshop

  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel as well as transportation around the island during the workshop

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone with a love of landscape photography. And Santorini. 

Whether you’re a seasoned snapper or someone new to photography, if you have a basic knowledge of your camera, enjoy learning and fancy seeing some of the non-touristy parts of Santorini (as well as a few highlights), this workshop is perfect for you. 

What do I need?

  • A camera

  • A set of lenses. Any lenses are fine, but it’s good to have a wide-angle lens or a zoom lens. (For reference, my lens is 24-70mm and for some architectural shots, I use a 16-35mm lens)  

  • A tripod (we can provide one if you don’t have your own) 

  • Spare batteries (we’ll be working that camera hard)

  • Extra memory cards

  • A passion for photography

  • A creative nature

  • Your comfiest pair of walking shoes

Who’s running the workshop?

Me, Konstantina.* I’ll be your host, teacher and guide to the two Santorinis. 

I’ve lived on Santorini Island since 2012 and spend the majority of my time travelling around the island taking photos, both professionally and just for the fun of it. It’s meant I’ve been able to pick up all kinds of local knowledge (useful for a host) and find the best spots for capturing shots of the volcanic landscape (essential for a photography workshop).

As for my teaching credentials, I’m a graduate of Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and a specialist in landscape photography. 

K.Yellow Photography was born in Santorini in 2015 to help people tell stories and create meaningful experiences through photography, by capturing cities and landscapes in creative ways. Since then we’ve gone global, providing workshops in London, with other exciting destinations on the horizon. 

But Santorini is, and always will be, home. Through the workshops and expeditions, I’ve been lucky enough to have helped hundreds of photographers develop their passion for landscape photography at Santorini’s most picturesque locations. I’m looking forward to doing the same with you. :-)

*The only time it won’t be me is when I’m running workshops over in London. At these times, you’re in for a real treat as one of my trusted, super-awesome photography friends becomes your host, teacher and guide to the two Santorinis.

Full Day Santorini Photo Workshop (Book your 1-day workshop)
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