East & Central London Private Workshop

East & Central London Private Workshop

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In this 6 hr photography workshop you will see London from another point of view!

Not only because of the charming photographic  opportunities, but mostly because in the east side you will get a true feeling of the city.

From cozy coffee shops to vibrant food markets, classic architecture in Shoreditch to the classic buildings in central London. You will fill your portfolio with extraordinary images of street and urban landscape photography!

See the non touristy side of London with a photographer and be where the locals are! Discover the street art in Shoreditch, capture amazing visuals and learn new composition techniques

Ideal for everyone seeking to make the most of their time this half-day private   workshop offers you a unique creative experience to help you connect with the city.

*If there is a photography exhibition at that day we’ll make sure to include it in your itinerary.

  • Perfect for those seeking for street and urban landscape photography

  • Ideal for experienced photographers who want to explore London

  • An intimate one-to-one personalised photo workshop