26 October 2019 Explore the East side of London(Shoreditch and more)

26 October 2019 Explore the East side of London(Shoreditch and more)

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Explore London’s creative heart 

In the shadow of the skyline, there’s a whole new London to be discovered. A part of the city you don’t see on postcards. Where walls, buildings and pavements provide the canvas for world-class art. Where bustling markets fill the streets with vibrant colours and bold personality. And where a diverse mix of locals go about their normal daily business in a city that is anything but normal. 

This is the real London, as experienced by Londonders. Stories are waiting to be told here, through the lens of your camera. 
You, me and a handful of others, we’ll explore this side of London — where I live — together through photography.

Discover the East End of London from a photographer's point of view

Immersing yourself in your surroundings is the best way to capture authentic street photography. What you’re embarking with this workshop is as much a cultural experience as learning one. 

Starting at London Fields, we’ll make our way around the East End, soaking up the atmosphere, taking in the sights and sounds (including any local photography exhibitions) and capturing the vibe of the area in stills, before finishing at the iconic London Bridge.

You’ll experience the street art, architecture and cityscape you’d expect from a London photography workshop, but you’ll also get a taste of what living on the East side of the city feels like. That means discovering the hidden gems, the top local coffee spots and best places for beer and wine (because we both know that photography can be thirsty work).

And you'll do it all while learning how to make the most of your camera. 

What you’ll learn

  • How to create stunning compositions from the unique contrasts of the urban East End landscape

  • How to use photography to tell stories

  • How to develop your own style of street photography by experimenting with lenses, techniques and black and white photography

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone with a love of street photography and cityscape. 

Whether you make a living from photography or are using this workshop as an excuse to pick up a camera for the first time, if a stroll through the creative heart of London taking photos with a professional photographer sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll enjoy this. 

What do I need? 

  • A camera (unless you’re only interested in finding out where serves good wine, in which case just come along for the walk)

  • A set of lenses. Any lenses are fine, but it’s good to have a wide-angle lens or a fixed lens. For street photography lens, a 35mm lens is best. For architectural shots, a 16-35mm is best. 

  • A passion for photography

  • A creative nature

  • Your comfiest pair of walking shoes

Who’s running the workshop?

Me, Konstantina. I’ll be your host, teacher and guide through the wonderful streets of East London. 

I live on the East side of London, which means I know all of the hidden gems and picturesque spots. More importantly, I’m a graduate of Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and a specialist in street and documentary photography. 

I created K.Yellow Photography in 2015 to help people tell stories and create meaningful experiences through photography, by capturing cities and landscapes in creative ways. 

Having enjoyed success with landscape and astrophotography workshops and expeditions in Santorini island, Greece, I decided to take the show on the road. And what better place to tell stories through photography than London?

Bonus fact about me: I am an Oenology graduate, which means I'm an expert in the study of wine. Useful if you’re joining the workshop to find the best wine bars.