3 November 2019 Night Photography Workshop (City of London)

3 November 2019 Night Photography Workshop (City of London)

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Start your London photography workshop just before sunset and capture the city at the “magical hour”

In this creative workshop you will capture the essence of infamous London nightlife. Discover a new way of looking at the after-dark beauty of London and walk through the city as night falls, to experience the buzzing nightlife and beautifully lit architecture in a new way.

Join a K.Yellow Photography Workshop around Central London and see the city from a photographer’s point of view.

K.Yellow Photography is a professional photography service that provides photo expeditions and workshops in London, UK and  Santorini island, Greece

The project is to bring people together with the language of photography and combine the know-how, the imagination, and the connection in order to provide an extraordinary experience!

Why you should join the workshop

A city changes once night falls: old and new architectural treasures are lit in different ways, the neon lights shine brighter, the contrasts are greater.
Join Konstantina a professional photographer and explore London by night
Capture the most vibrant parts of the city at night
Learn about long exposure and how to master your equipment at night

Who is this for 

This experience is Ideal for everyone into night photography and cityscape. Perfect for those who want to develop their photography skills and explore London at the same time.

Key Highlights

  • A sunset start for amazing Golden Hour lighting over the city

  • A journey through the most vibrant parts of the city at night

  • Explore east and Central London

Recommended equipment

Any set of lenses that you’d like but good to have a wide angle lens or a fixed lens. For street photography lens a35mm and for architectural a 16-35mm 

 Small Bio

Konstantina Sidiropoulou graduated from Leica Academy in Athens which specialises in street and documentary photography. She is the co founder of K.Yellow Photography and her mission is to create meaningful experiences with cities and landscapes, to help develop the creative spark within all of us, and to use photography to capture the unique locations she visits.

Starting out with Landscape and astrophotography workshops and expeditions in Santorini island, Greece

K.Yellow has recently expanded to take in the wonderful contrasts of the urban London landscape – and more locations are planned for the future.