10 November 2019 Urban Landscape & Street Photography Workshop in London (West End, Soho and Chinatown)

10 November 2019 Urban Landscape & Street Photography Workshop in London (West End, Soho and Chinatown)

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Urban Landscape & Street Photography Workshop in London (West End, Soho and Chinatown)

Explore the beating heart of London

Bright, colourful, vibrant, diverse, exotic, always roaring, never boring… and that’s just Soho. London’s West End is where the magic happens. From the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus and bustle of Oxford Street to the lantern-filled streets of Chinatown and culture of Covent Garden, this is the city’s beating heart, with a vibe and character like nowhere you’ll ever visit. 

Everything here is photogenic. Every twist and turn throws up something exciting to capture on camera. It’s the perfect place for a spot of urban landscape and street photography. 

This workshop is your chance to experience it. Up close and personal. 

Discover London’s West End from a photographer's point of view

With K.Yellow Photography workshops, the streets are the classroom. Your subjects aren’t objects that you look at from a podium in the distance, you’re amongst them, living and breathing your surroundings from the ground. Photos are better this way, more authentic. As street photography should be. 

Starting from the iconic Nags Head (where better to start than a proper London pub?) in Covent Garden, we’ll make our way through the busy West End streets — a merry band of photographers out to capture the sights and sounds of London’s most eclectic district. We’ll saunter through Soho, pace through Piccadilly and cha-cha (or maybe just walk) through Chinatown, using architecture, street art and cityscape to tell stories in stills. 

And as we’re photographers in the area, if there’s an interesting exhibition to see at The Photographers’ Gallery, we’ll pay it a visit en route.

It’s the best of the city experienced in your favourite way, through the lens of your camera. 

What you’ll learn

  • How to create stunning compositions from the colourful and varied contrasts of the urban West End landscape

  • How to use photography to tell stories

  • How to develop your own style of street photography by experimenting with lenses, techniques and black and white photography

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone with a love of street photography and cityscape. 

Skill level isn’t important. All that matters is that you like taking photos, enjoy learning and are keen on the idea of taking a stroll around the West End with a professional photographer. 

What do I need? 

  • A camera (always a useful item to have on a photography workshop)

  • A set of lenses. Any lenses are fine, but it’s good to have a wide-angle lens or a fixed lens. For street photography lens, a 35mm lens is best. For architectural shots, a 16-35mm is best. 

  • A passion for photography

  • A creative nature

  • Your comfiest pair of walking shoes

Who’s running the workshop?

Me, Konstantina. I’ll be your host, teacher and guide through the majestic maze that is the West End of London.  

We will go to all the hidden gems and picturesque spots, find the finest architecture and urban landscapes for your photos, as well as starting points like the Nags Head. More importantly, I’m a graduate of Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and a specialist in street and documentary photography. 

I created K.Yellow Photography in 2015 to help people tell stories and create meaningful experiences through photography, by capturing cities and landscapes in creative ways. 
Having enjoyed success with landscape and astrophotography workshops and expeditions in Santorini island, Greece, I decided to take the show on the road. And what better place to tell stories through photography than London?

Bonus fact about me: I am an Oenology graduate, which means I'm an expert in the study of wine. If you want to know where in the West End serves the finest glass or red or white, I’ve got you covered.