27 October Night Photography Workshop in London (City of London)

27 October Night Photography Workshop in London (City of London)

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Explore London’s iconic cityscape as the sun sets  

When night falls in London, something special happens. Something that daylight can't replicate.  

As the last glimmer of sunlight touches the top of skyscrapers, closer to ground illumination begins. Lights of landmarks start to flicker into life, bridge bulbs give glow to the Thames, roads are lit up by headlights from buses and black cabs and neon signs grow brighter as the night grows longer. 

It’s a man-made photographer’s paradise, waiting to be explored by your camera.

And exploration is what this night photography workshop is all about — discovering the Square Mile from a photographer’s point of view and using your camera to create stories through images. 

See the City of London in a new light

Setting off from Liverpool Street Station at the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset, we’ll weave our way through the City of London towards the foot of Tower Bridge. En route, we’ll take in skyline defining skyscrapers and old architectural treasures, and admire how the two sit side-by-side to form a contrasting cityscape that’s unlike anything else in the world. 

Such is the route, such are the buildings and such are the lights that illuminate the city, that this is more than a workshop, it’s an experience. The kind that, if your camera could talk, it would thank you for.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create stunning compositions from the unique contrasts of the City of London landscape

  • How to use photography to tell stories

  • How to work with long exposure and master your equipment at night

  • How to develop your own style of architectural and cityscape photography 

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone with a love of night photography, architecture and cityscape. 

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or are picking up a camera for the first time, if joining a professional photographer on a nighttime walk through the iconic streets of the City of London sounds like something you’d enjoy, you’re in for a treat. 

What do I need? 

  • A camera (unless you’re only coming along for the walk and to hear me talk about photography for a few hours)

  • A set of lenses. Any lenses are fine, but it’s good to have a wide-angle lens or a fixed lens. For street photography lens, a 35mm lens is best. For architectural shots, a 16-35mm is best 

  • A passion for photography

  • A creative nature

  • Your comfiest pair of walking shoes

Who’s running the workshop?

Me, Konstantina. I’ll be your host, teacher and guide through the grand city streets.  

I live on the East side of London, on the doorstep of the City of London. I spend so much time travelling around these streets that the city should probably charge me rent. But it’s all in the name of photography — to find the best locations and architecture for your camera.

More importantly, from a teaching point of view, I’m a graduate of Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and a specialist in street and documentary photography. 

I created K.Yellow Photography in 2015 to help people tell stories and create meaningful experiences through photography, by capturing cities and landscapes in creative ways. 

Having enjoyed success with landscape and astrophotography workshops and expeditions in Santorini island, Greece, I decided to take the show on the road. And what better place to tell stories through photography than London?

Bonus fact about me: I am an Oenology graduate, which means I'm an expert in the study of wine. If you want to know where serves the best glass or red or white along the route, just ask.