Night & Astro Photography


Night & Astro photography Workshop

See Santorini in a new light

As the sun dips below the horizon of the Aegean Sea to its customary standing ovation, for a short time Santorini is left in an in between state as orange and pink hues on one side slowly retire to make way for the incoming parade of stars. No longer day, but not quite night. It’s a clash of colours that makes for a magical canvas. And it only gets better. 

Once the moon takes pride of place, the sky is transformed into an ocean of blue and purple where everything but the jagged edges of the volcanic landscape is cast in shadow. Now the stars are a blanket, each one telling its own story. 

For these few hours, when the island basks in the light of the moon and stars, you’ll be there to photograph it, capturing Santorini at its romantic best.   

Shoot for the stars 

This Santorini night and astrophotography workshop starts just as the vast crowds of sunset hunters disperse. Because we know something they don’t. We know the magic that’s to come once the sun goes down. 

You’ll be picked up around an hour before sunset for a trip to the very north of the island, where we can capture the dusk sky at its most beautiful. From there, we’ll move onto two more picturesque locations to get shots of the stars, sky and stunning geological formations. 

It’s your chance to explore the less touristy parts of Santorini under the night sky, using photography to tell the story of your experience. 

What you’ll learn

  • How to prepare for shooting at night

  • How to master the art of capturing landscapes by night

  • The differences between shutter speed/aperture/ISO/white balance, and more

  • How to use photography to tell stories

  • What light painting is and how to do it 

  • How to create stunning landscape photography compositions

  • How to develop your own style of landscape photography by experimenting with lenses and techniques

What’s included

  • Full instruction from a professional photographer and guidance throughout the workshop

  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel as well as transportation around the island during the workshop

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone with a love of landscape and night photography. And Santorini. And stars. 

Whether you’re a seasoned snapper or someone who only brings out your inner photographer for special occasions (this is a special occasion), if you have a basic knowledge of your camera and enjoy learning, this workshop is perfect for you.

What do I need? 

  • A camera that can perform in Manual (M) mode and user manual (if you prefer to shoot with analog make sure you have the right film for night shots)

  • A set of lenses. Any lenses are fine, but it’s good to have a wide-angle lens or a fixed lens

  • A tripod (we can provide one if you don’t have your own) 

  • Spare batteries (we’ll be working that camera hard)

  • Extra memory cards

  • A passion for photography

  • A creative nature

Who’s running the workshop?

Me, Konstantina.* I’ll be your host, teacher and guide to the Santorini night sky. 

I’ve lived on Santorini Island since 2012 and spend the majority of my time travelling around the island taking photos, both professionally and just for the fun of it. It’s meant I’ve been able to pick up all kinds of local knowledge (useful for a host) and find the best spots for capturing shots of the night time landscape (essential for a photography workshop).

As for my teaching credentials, I’m a graduate of Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and a specialist in landscape photography. 

K.Yellow Photography was born in Santorini in 2015 to help people tell stories and create meaningful experiences through photography, by capturing cities and landscapes in creative ways. Since then we’ve gone global, providing workshops in London, with other exciting destinations on the horizon. 

But Santorini is, and always will be, home. Through the workshops and expeditions, I’ve been lucky enough to have helped hundreds of photographers develop their passion for landscape photography at Santorini’s most picturesque locations. I’m looking forward to doing the same with you. :-)

*The only time it won’t be me is when I’m running workshops over in London. At these times, you’re in for a real treat as one of my trusted super awesome photography friends becomes your host, guide and teacher!