14 July Santorini Sunrise Workshop

14 July Santorini Sunrise Workshop

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See Santorini through a photographer’s eye in the early-morning light! Designed for all those who love photography, professional or not, this workshop will take you to outstanding sceneries against a spectacular dawn.

We start early in the morning when the sun is near the horizon, reducing the glare of direct light and giving you a chance to capture the magical views just after sunrise. Extraordinary landscapes, unique geological formations, and Santorini’s architecture under the morning light.



In this 6hr photography workshop you will discover how to make the most of your camera, develop your passion for photography, and learn how to create stunning landscape photography  compositions. Starting just before sunrise



Join a K.Yellow Photography Workshop around Santorini and see the island  from a photographer’s point of view.


K.Yellow Photography is a professional photography service that provides photo expeditions and workshops in London, UK and  Santorini island, Greece


The project is to bring people together with the language of photography and combine the know-how, the imagination, and the connection in order to provide an extraordinary experience!

Why join this workshop

Create stunning compositions and make the most of the unique contrasts offered by the volcanic landscape of Santorini island


instead of simply taking pictures of a stunning volcanic scenery, this photo workshop will focus on storytelling photography while exploring Santorini’s most picturesque spots and some hidden gems

Find your own style

We will experiment with black and white and colour photography in order to help you find your own style and develop your own projects


Who is this for 


This workshop is Ideal for everyone into landscape photography and architecture photography. Perfect for those who want to see the non touristy side of Santorini together with some highlights.It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a photographer for years or have only recently picked up a camera. All you need to bring with you is a passion for photography, a creative nature, and some good walking shoes!

Key Highlights

  • Create stunning  landscape images

  • Explore the beauty of one of the most picturesque place across the globe

  • Shoot with professional photographers and see the island from another point of view

  • Get inspired and bring your photography to another level

  • See Santorini within a 5hr photography workshop

Additional information

Pick up from your hotel

Recommended equipment

Any set of lenses that you’d like but good to have a wide angle lens or a zoom lens. My lens is 24-70mm and for architectural i use 16-35mm 

Small Bio

Konstantina Sidiropoulou graduated from Leica Academy in Athens which specialises in street and documentary photography. She is the co founder of K.Yellow Photography and her mission is to create meaningful experiences with cities and landscapes, to help develop the creative spark within all of us, and to use photography to capture the unique locations she visits.

Starting out with Landscape and astrophotography workshops and expeditions in Santorini island, Greece

K.Yellow has recently expanded to take in the wonderful contrasts of the urban London landscape – and more locations are planned for the future.