Hi there!

It’s me and I would like to share with you a small story about myself and K.Yellow!

Photography was not something I was passionate about until I garnered my first camera in 2008. It was something similar to “love at first sight”. I decided thereafter to study photography in Leica Academy Creative Photography in Athens and combine it with my enology studies. At this point is where enology took a very interesting side and had the inspiration to complete my thesis on micro and macro photography specialised in vineyards. Upon completion of my studies I moved to Santorini island to finish my internship in Gaia winery.That was another “big love”.

I founded K.Yellow Photography in 2015 starting out with photo workshops and expeditions in Santorini island. The project is to bring people together with the language of photography and combine the know-how, the imagination, and the connection in order to provide an extraordinary experience!

K.Yellow has recently expanded to take in the wonderful contrasts of the urban London landscape – and more locations are planned for the future.