London by Night


Start your private photography tour of London at the Golden Hour and carry on to capture the intensity of an urban landscape at night with our night photography expedition

This creative experience will help you to develop your photography skills to really capture the essence of London nightlife. Learn how to compose your shots for the best results, and discover a new way of looking at the after-dark beauty of a city.

For three hours, you’ll walk through the city as night falls, to experience the buzzing nightlife and beautifully lit architecture in a new way. Capture Big Ben’s reflection on the Thames or the dazzling neon lights at Piccadilly Square – the darkness of night provides a whole host of new photograph opportunities.

What to expect on a night photography workshop

  • A sunset start for amazing Golden Hour lighting over the city

  • Three hours led by a professional photographer

  • A journey through the most vibrant parts of the city at night

  • Learn tips and tricks for night-time photography

A city changes once night falls: old and new architectural treasures are lit in different ways, the neon lights shine brighter, the contrasts are greater. Delve deep into the city nightlife and learn new skills to take stunning photographs at the same time!